Monday, November 9, 2009


Today on October 29th, 2009, we had our very last cross country workout for the season. We had to run 4 x400's. My pace time was suppose to be 1:56. I was a little faster than my set pace time. My best pace time was 1:22, and my slowest time was 1:46. I stayed in a pretty close range.
The weather today was pretty cool, and very muddy. We had to run on the soccer fields which were very muddy (the past week it was a little rainy, so as result the soccer fields were muddy.) As a team, we had to run a 2 mile warm up around town before our workout to the soccer fields. Usually our 2 mile warm up is running From the Recreation Center to the Hollow (under the bridge) and through the woods up to the Soccer fields.
The Last workout went very well, both the men and the ladies were faster than their set times. Which was awesome! My coach gave us a motivational speech about the results our last workout and seemed very proud. As a team and myself, we are ready for the OAC's at Wilmington College.

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