Thursday, November 5, 2009


On October 27th 2009, we had to run 8 400's meters. This was out last week of the cross country season to prepare for the OAC Wilmington meet on Saturday October 31st. My coach kept our training for his week fairly simple so that we wouldn't be worn out for Saturday. The workout was on Muskingum soccer fields. As a team we ran a 2 mile warm up to the soccer practice fields. Then listened to my coach's instructions of the trail he had already marked out (with cones) for us to run on was.
My time was suppose to be 1:59 minutes. My coach made my time purposely slow to that I could stay around at a steady even pace. Throughout the 400's, my time was much faster than 1:59. My slowest time was 1:48, and my fastest time was 1:35. The whole Muskingum University cross country team (both the boys and the girls) were faster than their original time paces.
My coach was happy because that was what he wanted us to do on every 400 meter, was to go 4 seconds faster than our original pace. So if I was 1:59 the first 400, the 2nd 400 meter I would be 4 seconds faster so 1:55 would have been my time if i ran 1:59, but i was faster. We all had a great workout.

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