Monday, November 2, 2009

All Ohio Champs

On October 2, 2009 in Delaware Ohio at Ohio Wesleyan University. There were over 42 college teams there. The Course was held on the Delaware Golf Course. Since there was so many teams and runners, there was a varsity and JV for the men and the women teams. The distance for the women was a 5k and the distance for the men was an 8k. The Varsity women ran at 2pm, then varsity men ran at 2:45. The women's JV ran at 3:30, the JV men ran at 4:15pm. There are 8 ladies on Muskingum University team, and only 7 of the girls could run in the Varsity race. I had to run in the JV race by myself because I wasn't considered varsity.
The weather was decent and sunny, but the course we ran on was beyond muddy! Since i ran at 3:30pm, and both the varsity women and men ran on the course before my race, the course terrain was very muddy and run down. The course was also fairly challenging because there were consistent gradually hills in account to the muddy course.
There were 221 ladies in the JV race, I was number 193 out of 221 ladies. My time was 26.42.4 minutes. I was 193 out of 221 girls in my race. I challenged myself to pass other college runners on the course because I was the only Muskingum University girl running so I had to stick with someone and try to pass them.
Overall the course was challenging and many runners in both races didn't finish because the course was in terrible condition but I never stopped but kept pushing myself to finish with a good time.

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