Monday, November 9, 2009


On October 30, 2009, I ran 4 miles. It was my last day of cross country practice in 2009. It was a little emotional because I have always loved running and knowing that the season has come to an end made me depressed.
I ran my 4 miles at reservoir, on Homestead Road. The weather was very nice with a little breeze. The scenery was gorgeous because the leaves were all red and orange and had fallen out of the trees and it was a beautiful view. The smell of fall and the leaves was strong today and it was delightful to run in the weather.
My teammates and me all ran together at the same pace, (usually we run at different paces because some of the girls on the team are faster than everyone else.) It was nice to have a close bond with everyone on our last run together before the season was over.
Overall this season for me was unbelievable. I was smart and didn't get injured (such as last year) and had amazing Personal records this season. I will miss cross country until next year, when I am a senior, then greater things will happen!


Today on October 29th, 2009, we had our very last cross country workout for the season. We had to run 4 x400's. My pace time was suppose to be 1:56. I was a little faster than my set pace time. My best pace time was 1:22, and my slowest time was 1:46. I stayed in a pretty close range.
The weather today was pretty cool, and very muddy. We had to run on the soccer fields which were very muddy (the past week it was a little rainy, so as result the soccer fields were muddy.) As a team, we had to run a 2 mile warm up around town before our workout to the soccer fields. Usually our 2 mile warm up is running From the Recreation Center to the Hollow (under the bridge) and through the woods up to the Soccer fields.
The Last workout went very well, both the men and the ladies were faster than their set times. Which was awesome! My coach gave us a motivational speech about the results our last workout and seemed very proud. As a team and myself, we are ready for the OAC's at Wilmington College.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


On Wednesday October 28, 2009 I had to run 4 miles. My team and I ran on a common route that we call Reservoir, which was located on Homestead Road (the road next to the S bridge). From Muskingum University to the end of Homestead Road (without turning right and going up a hill to the lake) was 2 miles. The weather was fall weather, with the air moist and smell of leaves and the light breeze of the wind it was beautiful. Running to Reservoir in the fall is always a treat because there is open fields with cows grazing, you see the trees changing colors in the distance and the road is in great condition to run on. When you run on this route it's nice to get away from homework and school and relax and daydream while taking in the scenery while running. I've always enjoyed running this route because it's always so peaceful and quiet, and scenic. There are a few hills on the road, which are a little more difficult to run if you're not used to hills, but once you get used to them, they get easy. I remember my freshman year running on reservoir and i thought the road was so long and hilly. Now my junior year, Reservoir is one of the most easiest/less hilly routes to run in New Concord.


On October 27th 2009, we had to run 8 400's meters. This was out last week of the cross country season to prepare for the OAC Wilmington meet on Saturday October 31st. My coach kept our training for his week fairly simple so that we wouldn't be worn out for Saturday. The workout was on Muskingum soccer fields. As a team we ran a 2 mile warm up to the soccer practice fields. Then listened to my coach's instructions of the trail he had already marked out (with cones) for us to run on was.
My time was suppose to be 1:59 minutes. My coach made my time purposely slow to that I could stay around at a steady even pace. Throughout the 400's, my time was much faster than 1:59. My slowest time was 1:48, and my fastest time was 1:35. The whole Muskingum University cross country team (both the boys and the girls) were faster than their original time paces.
My coach was happy because that was what he wanted us to do on every 400 meter, was to go 4 seconds faster than our original pace. So if I was 1:59 the first 400, the 2nd 400 meter I would be 4 seconds faster so 1:55 would have been my time if i ran 1:59, but i was faster. We all had a great workout.

Monday, November 2, 2009

California University of PA Invitational

Muskingum University's first meet of the 2009 cross country season was September 5, 2009 at California University of PA Invitational. It was a 5k meet. The Women ran first at 11am, and the men ran at 11:30am This course was very challenging. There was a huge very challenging hill that was in the middle of the course that we had to run up. The Course overall was gradual hills.
My time for this meet was 27:31 minutes, my first mile time was 8:53 minutes. It was slower than usual, but it was my first meet of the season so i was still under training to get in better shape. Although, last year my first meet time was around 29 minutes, so I had personal record for the first meet and was 2 minutes faster than last year.
The Weather was sunny and about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The weather really worked in our favor although the course was challenging, the weather was pretty nice.

Otterbein College Invitational

On September 26, 2009 I ran a 6k at Otterbein College in Westerville Ohio. There were 14 teams there and 150 women running. The women ran first at 10:30 followed by the men at 11:00am.
The weather was fair at first then it started to rain very hard. The course was a wet and slippery and hilly nothing my team and I aren't used to or haven't experienced before. The course/race was very fast paced, everyone ran out very fast at the beginning of the race to challenge other College runners if they can keep up with them, its a common running strategy. My teammate LeighAnn and I kept the same pace almost the entire race, We both came in at 32:18 minutes. That was a Personal Record from last year at this meet. Last year, my time was around 33-35 minutes.
The men did excellent as well, overall as a team we placed 14th out of 14 teams, we still ran our best despite the rainy weather.

OAC Champs

On October 31, 2009 I ran a 6k at Wilmington College. This was the last meet of the cross country season for some runners, unless you were at the top half of the runners in the conference, then you would go to Regionals. The Women ran at 11am and the men ran at 12pm.
The course was very muddy because of the wet weather this past week. The course had to change a little because in one part of the course the women and men had to jump over a creek to run into the woods. But they took that part out because they creek water was thigh high. So the women ran around the softball field 2 times and once more to come in to the finish.
My time was 29:29 minutes. That was my best 6K Personal Record this season and ever. My last 6k time was 32 minutes.
The women on Muskingum University cross country team did very good! We placed 10th out of 10 teams but we all pushed ourselves to finish and do our best and that was all that mattered. I gave it my all since it was my last race for the cross country season of 2009. The men however didn't do so great. My coach wasn't too pleased with them. But overall the cross country season was challenging and fun and as a team we all gave it our best.

All Ohio Champs

On October 2, 2009 in Delaware Ohio at Ohio Wesleyan University. There were over 42 college teams there. The Course was held on the Delaware Golf Course. Since there was so many teams and runners, there was a varsity and JV for the men and the women teams. The distance for the women was a 5k and the distance for the men was an 8k. The Varsity women ran at 2pm, then varsity men ran at 2:45. The women's JV ran at 3:30, the JV men ran at 4:15pm. There are 8 ladies on Muskingum University team, and only 7 of the girls could run in the Varsity race. I had to run in the JV race by myself because I wasn't considered varsity.
The weather was decent and sunny, but the course we ran on was beyond muddy! Since i ran at 3:30pm, and both the varsity women and men ran on the course before my race, the course terrain was very muddy and run down. The course was also fairly challenging because there were consistent gradually hills in account to the muddy course.
There were 221 ladies in the JV race, I was number 193 out of 221 ladies. My time was 26.42.4 minutes. I was 193 out of 221 girls in my race. I challenged myself to pass other college runners on the course because I was the only Muskingum University girl running so I had to stick with someone and try to pass them.
Overall the course was challenging and many runners in both races didn't finish because the course was in terrible condition but I never stopped but kept pushing myself to finish with a good time.