Monday, November 2, 2009

California University of PA Invitational

Muskingum University's first meet of the 2009 cross country season was September 5, 2009 at California University of PA Invitational. It was a 5k meet. The Women ran first at 11am, and the men ran at 11:30am This course was very challenging. There was a huge very challenging hill that was in the middle of the course that we had to run up. The Course overall was gradual hills.
My time for this meet was 27:31 minutes, my first mile time was 8:53 minutes. It was slower than usual, but it was my first meet of the season so i was still under training to get in better shape. Although, last year my first meet time was around 29 minutes, so I had personal record for the first meet and was 2 minutes faster than last year.
The Weather was sunny and about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The weather really worked in our favor although the course was challenging, the weather was pretty nice.

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