Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wilmington Meet

I ran a 5k at Wilmington College on Friday October 16th. My time was 24.44 minutes. That was my best time 5k time ever. I was very excited! There were 35 teams there, and the weather was extremely cold and windy. it was 42 degrees Fahrenheit. The course was also fairly muddy because it had rained all that week so the course was challenging in some areas because the mud was piled up from everyone warming up on it before the race. There was also a creek that we had to jump over, which was where most of the mud was, which made it challenging for us to grip our spikes into the ground when there was nothing but mud.
The girls were suppose to run 1st at 4:30pm but Wilmington wasn't prepared and told us girls to run around for awhile until they got everything (the gun being prepared to go off, and the timer to get every ones times etc) but we didn't end up running until 4:40pm. The girl's were very upset because we were freezing, and huddling up trying to keep each other warm but it never worked. Then the gun finally went off and the race began.
The boys got delayed from our race and were suppose to run at 5:15 but didn't end up running until 5:30pm. Besides that, it was a good challenging race for us physically and mentally!

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